We're for Mums

MeadowLea Chocolate Heart Toast Breakfast Twists

While we know that every Mum is unique, they all have one thing in common – their family’s health and happiness always comes first.

That’s why for more than 75 years, MeadowLea has been dedicated to providing Mum with a range of healthier and tasty spreads for her family. From the fussy eaters to the hungry little monsters, MeadowLea will always provide delicious nutrition to keep a smile on their faces so all can enjoy fun family moments everyday.

Containing no artificial colours or flavours, less saturated fat than butter, and guaranteed ‘yumminess’, MeadowLea is the best of both worlds – a healthier spread that kids approve of!

With MeadowLea, you're making the smarter choice for your family. And for that, Mum, you ought to be congratulated.